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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do you cost?

  1. A.We would need some basic information to give you a quote i.e. when and where the event is to take place, what times you want us to be set up by and when you want us to start/finish playing.  We will always endeavour to be set up before any speeches or meals where possible.

    We charge a fair price for a

    professional night’s entertainment.

    Click here to go to our Contact Page

    to ask for a quote.

    If you feel we are the right band for

    you but are over your budget then

    please get in touch…

    You never know!

Q. How do I confirm?

  1. A.Once we have your go ahead we will send you a confirmation email stating everything that was agreed including the price.  Please note that we normally take payment at the beginning of the night.

Q. Do you play through dinner?

  1. A.The band does not play during dinner but we can provide a duo to play quiet acoustic music during your meal but this will cost extra.

Q. *Should I get a disco?

  1. A.We will happily play alongside any disco you may want but we can provide our own ‘Discos’ Disco’ for an extra cost but usually cheaper than you can book.

  1. Q.Do we need to hire a PA system for

    speeches etc?

  1. A.If they are close enough then microphones are available for speeches and announcements through our PA.

Q. What if I want a special first song?

  1. A.If you have a particular first song request then we will either try and learn the song (time permitting) or play a downloaded version through our PA.

  1. Q.Do we need to provide food for the band?

  2. A.An invite to the buffet and a drink will be ideal for the band. We don’t require a set dinner or alcohol!  Remember a fed and watered band is a very happy band!

  1. Q.I am having my party in a marquee, is there anything the band requires I should be aware of?

  2. A.The main thing we require is at least a couple of 13 amp independent power sockets, some sort of a flat firm stage area and a dance floor for the guests.

  1. Q.What is the band’s dress code?

  2. A.This depends on the type of event, the band usually dress smartly but can dress formally if required.

  1. Q.Where can I see the band play to see if they are suitable?

  2. A.There are some video clips of the band on the Media page of this web site and lots of photos on every page. However if you would like to see us play live then send us an email and we will let you know when and where our next public gig is.

  1. Q.Does the band have Public Liability Insurance?

  2. A.Yes we are covered up to £1 million

The Monitors are available for booking for any type of event at any venue on the Island

or on the mainland.

If you want a band with experience, professionalism and enthusiasm then look no further.  The Monitors just love to play weddings.  We will make your night a great success with a wide range of music styles and have your guests dancing all night long.

We guarantee a full night’s entertainment and value for money with ‘non-stop’ music for at least 2 – 3 hours!  (Not many bands can promise that).

If you do want a break then we can provide dance or easy listening music or even our own ‘Discos’ Disco!’  *(see below)